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Sonar: The Free Amazon Keyword Research Tool from Sellics

Amazon keyword research done with real data from actual customer search queries


How does the Sonar Amazon Keyword Research Tool work?

All keyword suggestions in Sonar are pulled from the real customer search queries of Amazon shoppers. Our internal algorithm detects what customers are searching for on Amazon, and collect the search queries in our Sonar keyword database.

Sonar only looks at Amazon data; sources other than Amazon (e.g. Google) are not taken into account, as the customer search behaviour here differs significantly. This ensures Sonar only provides keyword suggestions relevant to Amazon’s A9 search engine.

How can I optimize keywords using the Sonar Amazon Keyword Tool?

Keyword optimization for Amazon SEO is a two step process. In the first step, you can use Sonar to perform thorough Amazon keyword research to find all relevant keywords. In the second step, you will need to add your new keywords to your Amazon product, aka ‘product listing optimization’. Learn how to optimize your product listings.

What is the Reverse ASIN search used for? And why does Sonar not display keywords for some products?

1. Database - Not a Live Query
Sonar is a huge database of product/keyword combinations. Sonar can currently only be updated irregularly (1 to 2 times a year). If the respective product is relatively new on Amazon, it may not yet be part of the database.

2. Only Well Ranking Keywords
Sonar only includes keywords for which the ASIN is ranking on the first page of the searchresults (or at least was ranked at the time of the last database update). The ASIN Reverse Search therefore offers a good opportunity to find out the keywords with which any given ASIN is generating most of its (organic) sales.

How do I use Sonar Reverse ASIN search to find competitor keywords?

Simply enter the ASIN of a competitor product, and Sonar will automatically recognise the Amazon product and give you a list of the keywords that product is ranking for.

What is the difference between Sonar and other tools like Merchant Words or Keyword Inspector?

Compared to other Amazon keyword tools like Merchant Words and Keyword Inspector, Sonar offers a free comprehensive set of features including: Reverse ASIN search, Keyword Translator (find Amazon keywords in any language), PPC Keyword Display (see the keywords your competitors are using for their Sponsored Product ads), and Sonar Keyword Index Checker (check if your keywords are being indexed by Amazon.)

Importantly, Sonar provides the Amazon search volume for each keyword displayed, and is a 100% free tool for everyone to use.

What does the ‘PPC label’ in Reverse ASIN search results indicate?

The PPC label displayed indicates to the keywords your competitor is using for their Amazon Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) ads.

Troubleshoot — Sonar is not loading any results?

Please make sure you do not have any Javascript Blockers installed in your browser. Also, if you are using a company network with anything but the standard port (80), it may cause issues.

How does Sonar calculate search volume of keywords on Amazon?

Because Amazon itself doesn’t provide any information on search volume, the Amazon search volumes in Sonar are based on our own research from our own algorithm. With the help of complex calculations for probability of appearance as well as many other diverse key figures, Amazon search volume can be calculated for every keyword..

Which other Amazon Keyword Analyses should be conducted?

After successfully finishing Amazon keyword research and product optimization, it’s recommended to observe ranking development of the optimized keywords. This is the only way to be sure that the optimizations you’ve done have actually lead to an improvement in rankings. You can track the rankings of your keywords easily - and every day - with the Ranking Tracker from Sellics.

Can I use Sonar to research keywords for Kindle and Ebooks?

Yes, you can also research Amazon keywords for Kindle and ebooks. The Sonar keyword database contains all the customer search queries that have been entered into Amazon, available across all product categories.

Which Amazon Marketplaces does the keyword tool cover?

Sonar is available internationally for the Amazon US and Amazon EU (DE, UK, FR, ES, IT) marketplaces. However, the remaining marketplaces are also planned (no ETA yet). Find out about it first by signing up to the Sellics Newsletter.

How can I improve my keyword rankings on Amazon?

It’s important to observe how your keyword rankings develop over time, in order to see if your optimization efforts have led to an improvement in your organic rankings on Amazon. You can monitor your keyword rankings very easily using our Keyword Ranking Tracker.

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Sonar: Your Free Amazon Keyword Generator from Sellics

Keywords are a requirement for a product to even be found at all in Amazon’s search results. A product will appear in search results only when all keywords of a customer’s search query are contained in the listing. Keywords, therefore, are a decisive factor for visibility and also traffic to a listing page. Want to know more about the role of keywords in Sellics Blog? Check out the Sellics blog here. Keywords are a requirement for a product to be found in Amazon search results. Your product will only be displayed in search results when a customer’s search query matches one of the keywords in your product listing or Seller Central backend. Keywords are a decisive factor for product visibility and driving traffic to your product listing page. Learn more about Amazon SEO & Amazon PPC on our Sellics Blog.

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